At Edsys, we have created some smart solutions to make the everyday better for students, parents and school authorities. These are solutions utilizing the latest technologies such as RFID and GPS. They are broadly categorized as Smart Card Solutions and School Bus Attendance.

Smart Card Solutions
This includes the usage of the Edsys smart card for a variety of useful purposes such as:

  • Payment at the Canteen/Cafeteria
  • Collecting Fees
  • Maintain Library Records
  • Book Store Management

School Bus Attendance
A large percent of parents are concerned about their children’s safety once the child leaves their home for school. The School Bus Attendance system is a service to keep the concerned parents updated about their children’s location.
It works in a simple way, utilizing GPS and RFID technologies. Once a child is part of the school bus attendance system, the concerned parents start getting real-time notifications.


  • Real-time information about Student & vehicles
  • Providing GPS safety and security to vehicles and students
  • Automated SMS alerts to parent
  • Generate various MIS Reports
  • Student, Parents, Vehicle and Drivers Data can be stored