Due to the indispensable nature of the trade, SEO experts are in great demand in the digital marketing industry these days. If you are planning to make SEO your career or if you are curious to know what SEO is all about, we welcome you to join our finishing school.

Why Us?

We are a bunch of passionate people who does SEO on a daily basis for various websites. With us, you’ll be able to learn what SEO is, its role in digital marketing and most importantly, the tools and techniques involved in it.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an absolute necessity for websites that want to increase traffic. This is because it helps businesses to optimize their website so that it has a better position among search engine listings.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest means to promote businesses. In marketing, the main motive is to build an audience and in digital marketing, it is achieved with the help of technology of which social media is the popular platform. But there is a limit to building traffic through social media sites. There is a chance to build more web traffic through search engines than through social media sites. A customer, who searches for the content he or she wants, tends to search the site which tops the list in the search engine. Having an incredible website and powerful content alone cannot help your site to be in the search engine list. For that, SEOs add some keywords, which serve as clues to the search engine, thus placing your site in a better position in the search engine list. This helps people to find your site easily, generating more traffic, which makes marketing easier.

Apart from the usage of keywords, you’ll also be provided training in:

  • Meta tags- They are HTML codes in the header at the top of a web page, which describe what the website is about and what the keywords are.
  • Content-Content plays an important role in marketing. A good content can help in improving the ranking of your website and it can also compel the users to visit your site again and again, thus building the web traffic.
  • Link building-If other websites happen to link to your website, you can manage to improvise your site’s ranking in the search engine list.

The world of SEO is vast and the more you gain knowledge in the field, there are more chances for you to succeed. With our training, you would be able to gain expertise as an SEO, making you capable of working independently.