product security features

Your product's security is one the most important factors that would decide its reliability.Without a solid set of product security features, even the best of software could be an easy target to malware and hacking.

In order to ensure the end user's privacy and data are protected, we have included few product security features. Our product security framework has been built upon a superset of applications and operational level security features.

Secure steps are taken on how your data is collected, maintained, stored and used.

This security feature is applicable to all services and products offered by us, enhancing the security of all your data.


We understand the security of the products you use are extremely important for your business plans. So, all the products are secured over network communications using HTTPS and data encryptions.

The software and security is designed in a way, to be one of the most secure and trust-worthy SAAS facilities available today.

We provide highly reliable and extremely scalable facilities that allow our customers to create successful roadmaps, capture customer ideas and handle breakthrough marketing campaigns steadily and securely.

application level security features

To built a secure system experience for you, we have added many application level security features. Let's see them in detail.
The below security level features will benefit all our customers, regardless of plan.

SSL Certified Application

Keep your data
secure between

Increses your
Google Ranking

Build / Enhance
customer trust

conversion rates

Keep your data secure between sever

Increses your Google Ranking

Build / Enhance customer trust

Improve conversion rates

As our product is SSL certified, every data is encrypted prior to transmission. Data decryption can be done only by our server thus preventing eavesdropping and ensuring our customers that data is always secured in safe hands.

Secure network access

Any type of communication via our network is secured with HTTP access (HTTPS), so that users do not have to bother about any security issues.

Activity stream

Any type of user activity is logged in Edsys activity stream, which can be filtered and searched against.

Authorized access

Authorized access is permitted for mobile apps, thus restricting unauthorized users from accessing the apps.

AWS firewall system

AWS Firewall manageris to centrally configure and manage firewall rules across accounts and applications

Encryption of data at rest

In our system, all encryption of data is done using 256-bit AES encryption.

Single sign-on (SSO)

We allow our customers to configure single sign-on to their account by enabling their existing identity provider to control access.

Access rights management

Access to data in your account is on a per user/per product basis, by restricting account administrators from accessing the data.

Anti-virus scanning

The system scans if any malicious files are being uploaded and in such cases it will automatically reject and notify the users regarding the same.

IP address access control

Using location-based access control, our admin and IT team can monitor and limit users access by location. It is possible to lock down access for a particular area on the basis of location.

Third Party access

Strict security measures are used against third parties from accessing the data. Data base can only be accessed by a private network of application.

operational security

Operational security is a risk management process executed to protect sensitive data from suspicious hands.

System and operational security

Unauthorized system access is blocked using high-end firewalls and network services.

Operating system installations are patched according to our client requirements and hardened by deleting unwanted processes and open ports.

Employee data access

Strict security is enforced on our system and no employee can access customer data unless for any valid or support reasons. In these special cases, our superior technical employees have the permission for access.

Software security

Our system has carefully crafted security measures in a way to separate customer data and also restrict inadvertent disclosure of data from one another. SQL injection and cross-site- scripting are not possible under any circumstances.

Network security

Any form of communication between our customer and data are encrypted using TLS. Login and post-login web pages are served over HTTPS.

amazon web services

Apart from all these, our product is enhanced with Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS).

Using this, it is easier for you to migrate or replicate from your existing database to Amazon RDS.

It is available on various database instances types - optimized for performance or I/O, memory and provides users with several database engines including Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, My SQL and MariaDB.

why we choose aws as our hosting platfrom?

The specific reason behind AWS platfrom are: