To simplify customary transactions and manage sales cycle details ERP provides a synchronized environment. The movement of money across all school departments is abridged by the POS system.

The POS devices can be used in schools at various junctures including fee payments, cafeteria bills, school buses etc.

All sales details will be recorded through the POS device. It contains details of the product bought, payment details, taxes and total amount.


Details of inventory

Transaction handling

Purchase invoices

Sales reports

Integration with accounting systems


Supports card Processing – Integrates credit/debit card processing function thus sparing the need of carrying physical currency.

Simple UI/UX– It has a simple interface which helps the school faculty and other administrative staff adopt faster to its functioning. Right from school tuition fees to bookstore charges, every transaction is efficiently supported by the POS module.

Reports and updates – Edsys ERP contains a huge library of intricate reports for each function. Administrative task force, faculty members and other stakeholders can avail these reports depending on authority to access. The  desired information is dispatched through emails.