Results are the single most thing parents look forward to with maximum anticipation. With the Results Module, there is no need to wait for long to know how your child has performed in the exams. You get easy access to your children’s results from this module. It offers a detailed view of semester wise reports. You can see the grades your child has received for each subject. To further enhance your convenience, these results can be downloaded in PDF format.

You just need to login to your online account with the school’s web portal. After choosing the Results menu, you will see profile/profiles of your child/ children. You can click a child’s profile to see the results of that child.

Results are shown according to the syllabus of your child’s school. i.e. whether it is state syllabus or CBSE. Also, if you have any preschoolers, you get EYFS menu, which will allow you to view the early years activities of your child.

If you want to know more about Results Module, drop us a mail @ or give us a call.