One of the major highlights of the ParentApp, the school bus tracker allows you to track the school bus location of your child from anywhere, anytime. You receive the first notification of a day, 10 minutes before the school bus reaches your child’s stop. Next, you get notifications when your child boards the bus. After that you would be able to track the position of the school bus on a map, from the mobile in real-time. When the child alights at school, you get another notification.

The same process repeats in the evening when your child goes back home. This provides a lot of benefits to you. If your child gets into the wrong bus, of if he doesn’t board the school bus back from the school, you get notifications allowing you to take actions in a timely manner.

The school bus tracker has been developed using GPS and RFID technologies for providing amazing accuracy. The tracking hardware is supplied by Taximeter, one of the leading manufacturers of such tracking devices.

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