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Our Team has set forth a handful of custom-made apps worthwhile for parents, teachers, students, school authorities, fleet managers and more.

Parent App

Parent App is a unique app with awesome features exclusively for parents. It helps parents to keep track of all scholastic activities of their ward.

Teacher App

Teacher App is an intuitive mobile software designed for teachers to keep tab of curricular progress, student attendance, mark own attendance etc.

Transport Manager App

Our Transport Manager App has been designed with the aim of helping school bus fleet managers while on-the-go, to manage school bus fleets effectively.

Driver Console App

It helps drivers to experience hassle-free student attendance, quick application setup, monitor students, communicate with parents easily, live cam-feed, notifications etc.


Point of Sales App helps stores or canteens to work smartly. It helps to keep a track of inventory management for its smooth functioning.

Attendant App

Attender can help to verify real-time attendance which syncs simultaneously with Driver Console/Vehicle Tracking Hardware in an organized and efficient way.

Fleet Manager App

It help fleet managers to view and manage assigned school bus fleets easily and smoothly by tracking the fleet, managing the bus drivers, assistants etc


Join us with our mission to assure you the best learning experience. We have partnered with our sister app development company image to provide you an exceptional mobile app development service for your ideas to take flight to next level.

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We would love to provide you a complete ERP system necessary for you to manage the overall functioning of your school. This enterprise resource system is not only meant for schools, but also for parents and students as well. At present, we serve about 40 institutions across the globe. We have a wide range of products around the world.

Edsys will mainly benefit Teachers, Students, Parents, School Management, Drivers, Bus Attendants and Fleet Managers. We can ease your respective roles in schools.

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