It is important to have a stress free Library for any Institution and at Edsys we understand the amount of data that flows into a Library, how critical it is to have a system that can grow with students and employees. Integrated as a module to our ‘state of the art’ campus management software “RIMS“, Library Manager can also be customized to work alone understanding requirements of your institution.
The module is capable to take over existing projects as well as legacy systems.Library Management System
Key features include

  • Memberships, Book acquisition and management
  • Equipped for Journals and Multimedia – besides books, handles Journals and multimedia contents.
  • Easy reservation handling – Reservation is prioritized for easy management
  • Fee management and Due collection – made easy with centralized tracking system
  • Blacklisting of user profiles – tract users and categorize user profiles with lists
  • Online Catalog system – availability of Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) system so that students can remotely check availability of books and status of reservation
  • Report generation – get organized data from software and  generate reports to fit different standards
  • Get end to end statistics – helps Librarians plan arrival of books and keep tract of stocks
  • Payroll Integration – Integrate payroll system to Library Manager. Imports employee data into Library to manage.

Along with the unique support that comes with Edsys, it is possible to move to a functional system within minimum transition time. To get a quote on Library Manager or to discuss on how your existing system can be ported to RIMS facility, please feel free to contact us.