innovation-culture copyHR module deals with functions related to Human Resource Department like recruitment, employees management,hierarchy level leave management etc.

Work force is an asset we have, to achieving operational excellence we will need to measure productivity and set new benchmark for work force to deliver.

All this can happen only if we first start to measure their working time, then measure output from respective departments and eventually output from individual staff.

It all has to first start with having real time attendance, followed by performance/output measurement and then performance/output improvement.

Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, selecting and onboarding a qualified person for a job. Responsibilities of the module can be categorized into

  • Job listing: Easily manage the open positions for various type of jobs based on the no of Opening, Skill set,qualification.
  • Invites Applciation: through employee reference or open media advertisements.
  • Application Processing: Simple tool that allows you to filter applicants based on qualification.
  • Interview scheduling: Provides a scheduler based interface to set up and manage interview days and interview slots for a given day.
  • Integration with payroll: Newly recruited employees details are simultaneously added to pay-roll list.
  • Employee management: Collecting employee information like bank details, valid id cards, passport details.
  • Leave management: Tracks detail of leave times earned and utilized ands other activities related to the organization.