Hierarchy of

It is all about dividing and sharing the responsibilities of the management for easier administration. So, everybody has their own roles to play.

The aim of “Edsys for education” cannot be circumscribed to a single school. Rather, we aim at easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency and productivity of a number of institutions under a single umbrella. Just as our country has been categorized into states and districts for the ease of management, our software has also been categorized accordingly to meet the needs for managing all the educational institutes in a district or a region.

And every area will have a set of people who will be solely responsible for that particular zone, whereby the ultimate authority concerned can plan, organize and control the institutions. Moreover, Hierarchy of Management is to get data and report to understand, what is happening in the ground and to roll up the information for decision and policy makers.

The decisions and actions will be more informed rather being a mere guess work, which would ensure the execution of initiatives and the ways to measure its outcome.

A detailed flow chart of “Hierarchy of Management System”


Accurate maintenance of records of multiple institutions
Availability of reliable and hassle-free information from concerned officials
Organized and systematic record of details of all the educational institutions of a district or a state
Makes the role of educational manager easier

Financing & Budgeting of individual institutions can be managed with least efforts

The directors will get a complete and easier overview of how to handle or make decisions in case of emergencies

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How It Works

Hierarchical system of Management’ is based on the motive- “Categorize and Organize”. And so our system categorizes the educational institutions as per their organizational needs, as a result, it will function as a kind of ‘centralized monitoring of institutions’.

Director (Head of District Level)

The central decision maker will be the director of a district (as per need), but every level of people will have a role to play and a responsibility to maintain. The director receives information from every level of users, cutting-out guess work and helping them to take informed decisions & effective policies.

Superintendent (Head of Zonal Level)

They are the heads to manage multiple institutions in a geographical area. They have the right to manage the external affairs of the institutions which lies beyond the control of Principals, as there might be multiple educational institutions under a single management.

Principal (Head of School Level)

Principal will be the head of a school or a college. All the issues within the institution will be resolved by the principal. Though in this system principal is subordinate to superintendent and director, he/she will be the primary decision maker in the institution.

Head of the Department (School level)

Since there will be thousands of students in an institution and many departments to handle, a Principal alone cannot make everything perfect, so every department has been given department heads, like Head of Finance and accounts, Head of chemistry lab, physics lab, etc.

Teachers (School Level)

Though lying in the last row of the system, teachers are the base blocks. Without them, nothing will be possible. In fact, the biggest responsibilities are on their shoulders, ie, to teach, conduct exams, publish results, maintain class decorum, submit reports and many more.


For its ease of Management, we have categorized it into three


Everything related to academics will be dealt under this category, including:


In contrary to our preconceived notions about the ease of taking attendance our software will help you to make it much organized and well-structured by categorizing it as follows:


This involves the monetary transaction details of individual institutions in an organized manner. This has also been categorized as: