Finishing School

We invite everyone who is interested in sharpening their digital marketing skills from all over the country to our finishing school set in the capital city of God’s Own Country. You can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and scenic beauty while learning some valuable skills.

With our training, you will be able to discover which among the different streams of Digital/Content marketing is apt for you and can opt to become an expert in one specific area. Or maybe, you are someone who can be a total Digital Marketing package with multi dimensional skills. Either way, we train you with the latest techniques and tools used by industry experts and how you can implement them effectively.

What is Digital Marketing?

All sorts of promotion of brands and products through various forms of electronic media that includes your smart devices and PC are together called Digital Marketing.

If you want your business to prosper, the best way to is to market it.  Marketing your business would help in brand building and attracting clients.  With traditional marketing giving way to technology, the latest mode of marketing is through phones, computers etc. and through e-mails, websites and social media platforms.

Who We Are and Why Learn From Us?

We are a group of passionate digital marketers who are actively involved in day to day online marketing activities. There are different ways in which we try to bring in genuine traffic that can convert. By joining our finishing school, you will be able to understand the daily rigours, methods and techniques that can be used to achieve success. Rather than teaching you textbook content, we show you how things work, how you can tackle issues and how you can stay updated and learn new techniques or methods, what works and what doesn’t.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing skills are fast becoming coveted skills in an increasingly digital market. Even your next-door retailer would be going digital in a few years. But this digital revolution in the business world has created huge competition for every industry. Only the businesses with the right marketing skills can make use of the huge digital audience to drive business. In fact, the digital revolution has altered the marketing landscape as well. Traditional marketing is giving way to digital marketing as that is where a huge number of people are.

But there are some caveats. Digital marketing as a profession is very young. There are no set rules or methods that are sure to get results. On top of that, there is an acute shortage of skilled digital marketers. There seems to be a general lack of awareness about how rewarding a career as a Digital marketer can be, which has resulted in a huge demand for people with even basic knowledge of SEO, SEM and Content Writing.

Smart people can make most of this opportunity and grow with the industry to become experts in the field with time. There are limitless possibilities to people who are skilled in SEO, SEM, SMM and Content Writing.

Digital/Internet Marketing has numerous specialized areas. It is all about using the right content and spreading it to the right audience, and hence, Digital Marketing is also known as Content Marketing at times. It can be mainly divided into three:

Web Marketing -Web Marketing involves ecommerce, promotional or informative websites and is done to increase traffic by means of online advertising (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Email Marketing – E-mail marketing efforts include sending out promotional e-mails to current and prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing– Your paid and non-paid marketing efforts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, creating engagement and spreading the word by viral marketing.

Content Writing

Content writing is a valuable skill for any digital marketer. It will help you whether you are specialising in SEO, SMM or SEM. Without proper content, none of these would be half as effective. It applies vice versa also. Well written content, if not marketed properly, is not useful.

In our finishing school, we provide training for different forms of content including:

  • Blogs
  • Product Descriptions
  • SEO Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Content
  • Infographics and Slides Content
  • Video Content
  • Brochure Content and more

Our aim is to produce exceptional individuals who can contribute their skills effectively in the field of digital marketing and produce results worth it. With our training, each person will be able to see the big picture, and would have the basic skills in all areas so that they can be better at their specialization.

We warmly welcome you to this beautiful land to have a great time learning these valuable skills from us to open up new avenues of growth.