CRM the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management is becoming increasingly a popular software in all firms, irrespective of its size. Before we understand its application and utility in schools, let’s study what it is all about.

For any business, the customer is the heart and his opinions and choices work as blood. All the sales, marketing and service activities are designed keeping in mind his interests and likes. The world is vast and competition is fierce so any slip up can cause your customer’s interest dip in your services/ products.

CRM module basically involves technology in such a way so as to organize, computerize & coordinate all interactions, of customers and potential customers, collected through sales, marketing and other related activities. This involves tracking all the steps from procuring raw materials to making a final product, sending it to the customer and keeping a track of his grievances if any. The data is collated and tabulated in such a manner that it is handy whenever needed. This makes customer experience delightful. Not only the product is delivered on time but it is constantly improvised as the customer’s feedbacks are logged in.

Ideally a school’s CRM would keep new and old information of its students. Information about teachers and alumni, phone numbers and other vital data is also fed in it in such a manner that it is easy to access in one stroke. This software is so simple to use that anyone with a basic knowledge of computer will be able to handle it. Parents may also opt for specialized SMS services in order to track their child’s movement. An efficient CRM would help them keep track fee payment, due dates, arrears, student’s attendance and other important upcoming events. A school CRM would have automated payroll, students’ information and all the other communication done in form of emails, sms etc., from parents to school or vice versa.

At Edsys, we have a team of experts who design efficient CRM softwares as per the needs of the customer. This software is easy to use and is error free. A well trained developer would ensure that the transition is smooth and no information is left unutilised. The developers at Edsys have years of hands on experience and have handled multiple projects, making it easy for them to handle school CRM and any such software with competency and deliver it at a competitive cost.

Edsys CRM for school and all kinds of education institutes

Edsys CRM is perfect tool developed and designed specifically for education institutes, several institutes in India and abroad is benefitted with this software and relies on it for all kinds of interaction with student, parent and prospects

This software has the following features

  • A powerful and efficient online contact management tool, which manages details of students, parents and prospectsallowing schools to store, organize and search student data
  • Categorization of students based on class/course. Edsys CRM can be used as student management solution
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively by running campaigns, sent out notice or circular. Has predefined templates and allows schools to create their own communication templates
  • Manage Event like PTA (Parent Teacher Association) starting from scheduling, record event attendance. Send out invite and communication pertaining to it. Keep record of all communication made till date
  • Edsys CRM can be customized and configured to includes special requirement specifically matching your school / institute need