We are introducing KHDA module into RIMS (Real Time Institutional Management System). Now it is possible for schools to meet regulatory standards put forward by KHDA. With ease. KHDA-Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai that is responsible for the growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in Dubai.

Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) under KHDA carries out detailed inspection, provides comprehensive information on the standard of private school education in Dubai, which helps to inform improvement planning at school and policy level. This is achieved through a number of approaches, including annual school inspections, parents meetings and focus groups, teachers, parents and students surveys.

With RIMS it is possible to achieve KHDA standards with our integrated modules that alert your system and ensure that your faculties are striving to meet the regulations. Thereby it is possible to solve some of the DSIB 'key questions' like

1.How good are the students attainment and progress in key subjects ?

2.How good are students personal and social development ?

3.How good are teaching ,learning and assessment?

4.How well curriculum meet the educational needs of student?

5.School protect and support the student

6.How good leadership and management of the school?

7.How well does the school perform over all.?


the Four-point scale

KHDA puts forward a four-point scale which is a ranking system for schools.

1.Outstanding : Exceptionally high quality of performance or practice.

KHDA-Knowledge and Human Development Authority

2.Good : The expected level for every school in Dubai

3.Acceptable : The

minimum level of quality required for Dubai. All key aspects of performance and practice in every school should meet or exceed this level

4.Unsatisfactory : Quality not yet at the level acceptable for schools in Dubai.


This four point scale is evaluated using "Quality Indicators" from KHDA. RIMS has been enhanced with these key factors in context, for taking swift measures in improving the quality of education and performance of students.

KHDA-Knowledge and Human Development Authority

KHDA-Knowledge and Human Development Authority


Way before the inspection, school’s must start action plans against each key questions. The schools then prepare year planners for the KHDA Audit process. This planning is based on the KHDA handler book.


So how can Edsys help you out?

  • Edsys can help bring schools under unsatisfactory and acceptable rankings up and ready for the competition. Along with focusing in make the higher ranking schools retain their standards.
  • Besides our powerful application which is KHDA ready, our experienced and qualified experts in the field can guide you to succeed.

So when the time arrives, your school can leap forward and get ready for the competition.