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Emerging solutions increase the expectations of users from service providers. A single channel for monetary transactions limits the scope of business expansion. Users repulse as they find it uncomfortable to stick to traditional methods.

Schools need to re-consider the evolution in the sphere of online payment processes and how that can affect their revenue.

At Edsys, we believe in progressing with the evolving world. Educational ERP for schools comes with an online payment capturing module which comprises a roster of payment gateways. Multiple payment gateways have been configured in this module for users to select the most appealing alternative.


What we are offering

Online payment module uses a single API to integrate Payfort and PayPal gateway interfaces into the ERP’s transaction functionality. The users can choose the gateway they want to complete payments.

If the default option shackles, they can easily migrate to a different gateway.

We are improvising on the list of payment options to increase convenience for existing customers and extend the benefits to a broader spectrum of transaction channels.

One API for multiple integrations

ERP provides institutes with an off the shelf online payment module comprising a host of gateway options. The schools can have a personalized list of payment gateways being integrated at request. This requires absolutely no infrastructural investment on behalf of school.

Failsafe Assurance

Payment gateways are a susceptible to infrastructural issues. In such cases, if there is only one gateway, it can create difficulties for users, thus inviting lack of trust from users. Multiple gateway integration allows you to channel transactions through other mediums if one medium is having its downtime.

Card to gateway Mapping

User card vaults in a secure location and is intelligently mapped to a gateway selected by the user. Every time the user needs initiates payment, card details will be automatically retrieved from the vault and populated in payment request of selected gateway.

Multiple payment options

Edsys ERP provides users to carry out payment using multiple methods – cards, payfort, Paypal etc. We are scaling up the prowess of the system to support more options for online payments.


Extended scope of integrating multiple gateways

Shifting transaction – Users can easily switch to a payment partner of convenience as per requirement and necessity. There are multiple gateways to choose from.

Re-route – Setting up multiple gateways, assures customers of uninterrupted and successful transactions. Payments can be easily routed to an alternate gateway if one is subjected to process disruption.

High volume transactions – All gateways may not possess the power to handle a voluminous user base when there is sudden influx in transactions. For example, during admission season many users are trying to complete fee payment. There arises a need of an alternate option in such situations.

Safe transactions– the user information transmitted through the gateways is encrypted and hence draws no security or theft concerns. If the payment is interrupted owing to network errors, payment gateways offer a quick fix in the matter. Thus the money and information are both safe.

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