Curriculum management

Academics is included with a curriculum section that deals with different settings required under curriculum of a school such as Subject Settings, Examination Settings, Subject Details Settings, Subject Group Settings, Subject Group Details Settings, Syllabus Settings, Class wise Elective Settings, Elective Allotment of Students, Grade settings, Classwise Exam Mark Entry, Student wise exam mark Entry, Progress Report , Classwise Progress Report, Termwise Consolidated Report etc.


Attendance information of students with previous records makes student presence easy to track.


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation of students covering all aspects of their development process. CCE is an established education system under CBSE for evaluating performance of students from classes 6 to 10. The new system was introduced in the year 2009 to reduce stress faced by students appearing board exams.


Module deals with student promotion under each academic year.

Course maintenance

Adding of new courses, new classes, new batches, assigning classes to different course, allotment of students to various batches etc. can be done using course maintenance.